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Intoduction To Sabah


Intoduction To Sabah | Gunung Kinabalu | Pulau Sipadan | Lembah Danum



Welcome to Norizan Cuti - Cuti Malaysia Di Sabah Negeri Di Bawah Bayu!


A melting pot of over 30 different races and over 80 different dialects Sabah's

people consists of the Kadazan/Dusun Eajau, Murut, Rungus. Lottid, Brunei,

Orang Sungai. Kadayan and many oilier subgroups. Picture yourself in a country

where the attractions are as varied as they are excitingly fresh and unspoilt

beaches, isolated tropical islands, fascinating culture, colourful and beautiful

marine life, spectacular countryside dominated by an awesome mountain

(Mt Kinabalu, the highest in South East Asia), and where the genuine friendliness

and hospitality of the people are part of their tradition.

Sabah's State Parks are a naturalist's paradise with their unique flora and fauna.

Sabah also has the world's largest orang utan sanctuary. If you are feeling

adventurous, go jungle trekking, visit a longhouse and be intrigued by the

traditional lifestyle, explore caves, experience rafting, go mountaineering,

or dive and discover exciting and colourful marine life.

However you want it - Sabah can be simple or sophisticated. She has

retained her traditional charm and freshness, as well as keeping in step

with the 20th century. Sabah will surely impress you with her unique and

 unspoilt character - truly Borneo's paradise.


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